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1. Starting from 3 polarities: thinking - memory - imagination each student tries to identify 3 attributes, also in contrast of significance between them, for the construction of a not linear dynamic system, able to identify the character of the design aims, in progress. These 3 attributes are belonging to your desired design identity and your own character, performing your design style.

2. Identify your imaginary references (images, objects, music pieces, ...) belonging to each attribute

3. Identify in each reference the possible transforming process that you can use for increasing your desired character in a peculiar moment of the design process. (For example, if we need to fold an object in a particular moment of our design process, we can identify, referring to one of our attributes and to its related reference, how to increase this attribute when we fold the object.)

4. Starting from an event (you can choose a simple basic event like a cube or an existing event or one of your previous projects, and so on) try to transform it applying some of the identified transforming rules. After try to represent these transformed objects in a sequence of drawings.

5. Verify if the result is performed by your attribute, so if it is more... (your attributes).. then before. If so, you have identified one or more of possible transforming rules. These are very important tools that you can use when you will manage a design process.

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