Master School od Design, Politecnico di Milano University.
Prof. Celestino Soddu, Prof. Enrica Colabella
1st Semester AY 2015-2016

Generative Design is a morphogenetic process using algorithms structured as not-linear systems for endless unique and un-repeatable results performed by an idea-code, as in Nature. (C.Soddu 1992)
This year for the first time in the Generative Design course a new experimentation will be held for trying to gain new efforts for complexity.
Each student will be connected to a common site of investigation, published in real time in GASATHJ, an international public magazine, well visited in Internet from a big number of people each day.

The aims of Generative Design teaching activity are:
1. Increasing the quality of the acts of the Design process.
2. Supporting the construction for each student of their own Design Style and Identity, identifying and performing the “characters” of their own recognizable approach to Design.
3. Defining advanced theoretical and operative skills for increasing the Design quality by a deep real experimentation, by using also AI poetic logic for performing codes.
4. Helping to identify and select their own Design imaginary in a scientific way able to be directly used, in a open generative way, in each Design process.
5. Experimenting the advanced Generative approaches to Design using digital technologies able to transform the design act from Forms to Processes, from static solutions to a dynamic operative vision of a possible future. This process is able to perform a world of variations of recognizable events.

Teaching structure
Each student will be asked to:
1. identify his/her own reference imaginary for performing a common site of references
2. identify his/her own design vision, focusing characters able to follow a poetic logic
3. perform, starting from this imaginary, his/her own design process codes (advanced generative scripts) able to be directly used into a design process and able to fit own design vision.
4. experiment this operative generative process in several design exercises by performing results, one each month, with the main aim to sharpen the quality, identity and recognizability of each design acts, following the generative methodology fixed in our books -http://www.generativeart.com/bookshop ,

Generative Art International Conference and Exhibition
Each student will propose his/her design experiment to be exhibited in the GA2015 exhibition in Venice during the second week of December 2015. This will be the occasion to show and discuss their generative design experiments in progress with international experts in this field. All will be published in the website www.generativism.com(external link) and in the site of the GA conferences www.generativeart.com.(external link)

Teaching management
Each student will have his own webpage in www.generativism.com(external link) where the design activity will be shown in real time. This will be useful for valuating in real time the increasing quality process and will improve the possibility to exchange opinions and results with all other students of the course, and also with other students of other international universities working in the same field.
More, student projects will be shown and discussed in the international Journal GASATHJ www.gasathj.com.(external link)

The course will have the contribution of Prof. Enrica Colabella, an expert of generative approach to creativity and design.
International experts of generative approach to Design will be invited to give a lecture (or a short workshop) or on-line interactions and suggestions during the course.

Step by step and final evaluation
Each student will be evaluated following the work shown in the web page. More, several ex-tempore tests will be activated to focus problems and lack of deepening.
The final evaluation will take care of the reached awareness of how a design processes must run and if the student has constructed a recognizable identity as designer.


www.generativeart.com(external link) the website of Generative Art International conference where it's possible to consult around 700 papers about the generative approach to Art, Design, Music and more.

www.gasathj.com(external link) the website of the Generative Art Science and Technology hard Journal

www.generativedesign.com(external link) (the website of C. Soddu and E. Colabella and of the Generative Design Lab of Politecnico di Milano)

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