possible location: Bellagio

please suggest your favourite theme belonging to your field of interest:

suggestion 01
(rego tiago)

my suggestion is to use verbs, such as "relax" - "play" - "etc" as the project theme for 3 reasons:

firstly because they are neutral regarding the study areas - students from fashion, interior and product design would have different conceptions originated from the chosen verb that won't be restricted to any of those areas especifically;

secondly because even two people who study the same thing might have different project outputs from the same verb, as they can assimilate these actions to different things (e.g. someone who like to surf can relate "relax" to a surfboard, while a lazy person would related it to a sofa or a bed);

the last reason is that i believe this can stimulate even more our 'personal reflection' than a geographic place, which can be only deeply interpreted by visiting and/or images research.

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